Our People

Our Story & Our Vision

Living Word Church is an independent Christian Bible-based Church. We strive to keep faith pure, simple, and real just as Jesus lived it. We would love for you to join us in this great adventure of growing people, transforming households, and reaching neighbors with the Living Word through faith in Jesus.

The Genesis of Living Word is a dynamic and developing story of how God works through His Word, circumstances, and gathering God's people around His cause! Pastor Brad shared his personal story of how Living Word came to be what it is today,


          "God has been at work in so many ways, that I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt God is leading me, and that He is creating a new gathering that will impact many people, families, and even our community for eternity.

           In 2005 God called me in a unique way to 'go . . . '. For three years I struggled with what the Lord wanted me to do in ministry. This was not an easy period of time in my life because He closed a number of doors of opportunity. I wrestled greatly with the Lord in prayer and study of His Word over His call to 'go . . .'. In 30 hours of focused prayer and meditation on God's Word in spring 2007, it became clear that God has opened a door of opportunity to plant a new church. The Holy Spirit has confirmed this calling in God's Word, other Christians and even in the circumstances of my life.

             As more people confirmed this calling and have joined to plant and grow Living Word Church, my story turned into our story. How exciting it is to see God work in through and around us.

          We keep the main thing, the main thing by focusing on the essentials of Christianity and therefore providing a common ground for people and households from all different backgrounds, ages, and stages in life. We believe that keeping Christianity pure, simple, and real will organically connect with more and more people who have a hunger to be fed and grow in faith."

If you look around our community it may be hard to see some of the greatest needs. Yet, if you scratch the surface you will find a spiritual dryness, hunger, and thirst for God which is a  spiritual famine.

We realize that the answer to this kind of famine is the Living God and His Word. Will you join us and take the next step in meeting the need to grow, transform, and reach out? Our ultimate dream is to not just sow one big church, but to plant an orchard of churches sharing God's Love.

  • Will you and your household be church planters?
  • Will you pray for the miracles?
  • Will you step out in faith and meet this great need?

Together we can create a place where people will grow, households will be transformed and neighbors will be reachers with the Living Word through faith in Jesus Christ

Practice & Principles

Learn more about how we keep Living Word Church pure, simple, and real throughout everything we do.