Our Purpose & Principles

Our Vision

At Living Word Church of the Bay Area, we offer a new approach to Christian life and worship. We are inspired to plant and grow communities of faith that impacts people, families, and the community for Jesus Christ. Our dream is to see not just one big church but an orchard of churches plant to grow, transform and reach out.

Our Purpose:

Growing people, transforming households, and reaching neighbors with the Living Word through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Principles:

Living Word is an independent, Christian, Bible-based church that is being built upon the foundational teachings of the bible and simple faith in Jesus Christ as the cornerstone that connects, builds up, and guides.

We believe that we are saved and given a new relationship with God simply by the grace of God through the gift of faith in Jesus Christ. We understand that this new life and relationship is given in order for us to passionately follow Jesus to grow into  mature Christian and to do what fulfills God's purpose. We follow God's Word alone as our only source of how and what to believe and our only guide for living our lives as Christians.

Our Core Beliefs Are:

One God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

One Faith - Amazing Grace

One Source - Living Word (The Bible)

One Purpose - Making Disciples

One Body - Growing Church

One Hope - Living Eternally with God

Our Core Values:

Living Word Church lives, grows, and reaches out through the natural relationships of family, friends, and neighbors. We believe that by keeping it simple, natural, and real we will connect with more people who have a hunger to be fed and grow in faith. Bringing together households through Jesus Christ and having people on the same page spiritually is making a profound difference in people's lives.

About Pastor Brad

Pastor Brad's vision as Founder of Living Word Church is to create a new faith community in Bay Area Houston. Learn more about him and his journey with God and toward Living Word Church.