Our Practices


Our practices:

Our practices revolve around a simple method of "Worship + 3"

Worship = Inspires and Grows: personal prayer and inter-generational inspiring worship with age-appropriate learning. 

Study = Develops and Transforms: study of God's Word personally and in small gatherings within out circles of influence that bring God's Word to life as it is discusses and applied

Serve = Cares and Reaches Out: strategic serving together and personally, using our spiritual gifts/talent in the church, community, nation, and world. We want to be known as the church that takes a Sunday off to serve the community

Share = Communicates and Reaches Out: Relationally sharing our story and God's story by having gospel conversations with people in our concentric circles who are far from God.

Common Ground:

Uniting households through Christ is a sincere goal of ours, and Sunday mornings at Living Word are a reflection of that. We strive to live out this principle by beginning our worship service all together and then breaking out into age appropriate learning experiences. Everyone is learning from the same portion of God's Word and hopefully on the same page spiritually . What it creates for families is a common ground to discuss and grow spiritually together

Why We Study, Serve, & Share

At Living Word we believe that God commands us to love and serve one another and we take that very seriously and literally. Whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a month, you will find our congregation out in the community meeting a very real need. We have provided blankets for the cold, clothing for the poor, and teddy bears for sick children. It's one of the qualities that makes our church so special, and one that we're blessed and highly favored to do. Please contact us if you'd like to volunteer for our next Serve Event. Every serve event is family friendly or has a separate experience for children and their families.

Importance of Sharing

Sharing puts an emphasis on spiritually  cultivating out community. It is about communicating and reaching out the people who need God's good news. Relationally sharing our story and God's story by having gospel conversations with people in our concentric circles who are far from God.

Powerful Prayer

One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him,"Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples." - Luke 11:1

God shares. We listen. We share. God listens. We pray God's Word and take time to be still and know that He listens to our every call and we to His. Do you desire to hear from God through prayer? Our Prayer Team would be happy to pray with you, guide you into fervent prayer, and to pray for you. We prefer a relational approach to prayer and praying in person on Sundays, Wednesdays, or other times during the week. If you can't be present in person, the please submit your prayer requests to

Prayer in the Garden

Living Word Church supports efforts in our community to encourage spiritual growth and renewal. Therefore, we are encouraging people to try prayer in the garden at Maas Nursery every 1st Saturday of the month, 8:30am.

Prayer Workshops

From time-to-time our congregation schedules workshops to help people grow closer to God through their communication with God in prayer. If you are interested in a workshop contact Jim Maas at

Facebook Live

During the heights of Hurricane Harvey, we started live streaming our worship services onto Facebook to provide for the families who were stuck during the storm. Now we still stream for everyone to enjoy. Click here to see our Facebook pages and previous Facebook Live services.